Ban-Dit Bundler

Ban-Dit Bundler, the bundling film system from Preferred Film Converters, Inc., bundles your application needs with convenience, performance, and cost savings!


A convenient handle is included in every case to dispense the rolls of stretch film.


Ban-Dit Bundler takes the place of tape and strapping for many applications such as:

*Stabilize an unwrapped palletized load on the way to the stretch film wrapper by dispensing stretch film on the highest layer of your product. And, when removed, Ban-Dit Bundler will not “tear” away printed box graphics like tape.

*Secure any product bundle by dispensing a layer of Ban-Dit Bundler on each end of the product or around the middle.

*Portable, easy to carry around with you in any warehouse application. Ready to use at any time.

Cost Savings:

*Your bundling requirements will be wrapped more effectively with Ban-Dit Bundler and at a lower bundling cost.

*Ban-Dit Bundler is much more economical than tape, banding, and other packaging material types.

Product Film
Roll Length
Film Thickness
Rolls Per
Case Weight
Cases Per
BD-03-080 3” 1000 80 18 17.1 50
BD-03-115 3” 700 115 18 17.2 50
BD-05-080 5” 1000 80 12 19.0 50
BD-05-115 5” 700 115 12 19.2 50