“We got rid of the core so you wouldn’t have to”

Corgon – a coreless stretch hand wrap.

Corgon Offers:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • 100% Reduction in Cores
  • Over 60% reduction in corrugated
  • Excellent stretch, cling and tear resistance
  • High film clarity
  • Lighter weight is easier to handle
  • Applied using reusable applicators
  • Can be processed through standard industrial recycling facilities
  • Made in the USA

Corgon’s coreless design reduces packaging waste, disposal and transport costs:

  • A business using a pallet of wrap a week reduces waste by an incredible 2 tons per year!
  • Environmentally friendly product contributes to your “Green” program by saving trees and reducing waste
  • Sustainable product that meets the current needs of our customers without compromising future generations