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Preferred Film Converters would like to present to you our newest, innovative, sustainable, green product Corgon.


Corgon is our coreless solution for bundling film and pre stretch. Standard sizes include (please contact us if you require other widths or lengths)

Metric U.S. Equivalent Rolls Per Case Handles Per Case
100mm x 300m x 20.3 4 x 1000 x 80ga 12 1
100mm x 208m x 30.4 4 x 700 x 120ga 12 1
125mm x 300m x 20.3 5 x 1000 x 80ga 12 1
125mm x 208m x 30.4 5 x 700 x 120ga 12 1
250mm x 300m x 20.3 10 x 1000 x 80ga 6 2
250mm x 208m x 30.4 10 x 700 x 120ga 6 2
500mm x 300 x 20.3 20 x 1000 x 80ga 4 2
500mm x 208 x 30.4 20 x 700 x 120ga 4 2

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Revolver Hand Stretch Wrap

REVOLVER is a faster, easier and more economical way to bundle your items without using strapping twine or those sticky tapes. Great for bundling items together for a better shipping rate. Made from quality materials, REVOLVER will not leave any sticky residue on your bundled items. Each case comes with 1 REVOLVER handle. You can choose from 3 inch and 5 inch and from 80 gauge or 115 gauge film. Contact your sales representative today and start saving.

BDRV-03-080-18 3X1000X80 18Rolls/Case

BDRV-03-115-18 3X700X115 18Rolls/Case

BDRV-05-080-12 5X1000X80 12Rolls/Case

BDRV-05-115-12 5X700X115 12Rolls/Case


The “handy” film system from Preferred Film Converters, handles your wrapping needs with convenience, performance and cost savings!
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